Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tidbits of Summer Learning

A few tidbits of learning from my weight loss this summer.

-Have a work out buddy.  Most of the summer I picked up a friend on the way to the gym.  It was fun to talk as we worked out and ever once and a while push each other until we were red in the face.  We haven’t been able to work out together the past few weeks and it has been harder for me. I need to give her a call and start meeting up again.

-Make an appointment with the gym.  Not literally, but pencil it in your planner.  I started the 30 Day shred and hope to start it back up again, but it is hard with a toddler and a crawler.  I have unlimited childcare when I go to the gym, so not a bad gig!  Working out at home with kids is a challenge. My two year old isn’t napping much any more so she likes to ‘work out’ with me.  Not the easiest task.  She likes to climb on my back when I am doing push ups, if I could do them with her on my back it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but not there yet.  It is cute to see her attempt jumping jacks, she jumps as her arms flail all over.

-Even though my weight loss is slow and some weeks minimal, it is not worth getting discouraged over.  I am working on a healthier life style as a whole not a fad fast way of dropping weight.  Been there done that.

-The weeks that I lifted weights and really pushed myself I lost more weight (go figure, is right!).  Also the weeks that I was super strict about my eating I lost weight (go figure again!).

-Sometimes I have to re-commit and re-commit to my goals over and over again. I figure it is a part of life.  At least a part of my life.

-I learned that bananas have a ton of sugar.  My favorite banana combo: peanut butter and banana on a graham cracker, mmm.  If I want to keep within my carb goal, this  treat is out of picture.

-Earlier this year I was having a conversation with my younger sister.  I was sharing how I was discouraged about gaining so much weight with my pregnancies.  I stated how I was working out and working out and not getting anywhere.  I felt a bit in despair about the weight never coming off (I think we all have those moments somewhere along our weigh loss journey).  She told me, “You have lost weight before, you can do it again.  You have it in you.”  It was true.  I do have it in me.  We just need to remember on our low days, it has been done before, you can do it!!


  1. U are far from alone. I feel the same way. It is just hard when you want to get there faster. I have re started 30 day shred as well. I am hitting the gym in the am with the kids, and then I do 30 day at night. Either when my hubs gets home from school or when the kids go to bed. I have also gotten up early to do it. It is hard, and it sucks. But one way or another thie weight is coming off! Kepe it up!

  2. I make appointments to work out too, and I also find it helpful. :) Everything's on my calendar (including the rest day for some reason, not sure if that actually makes sense, haha) and I try to think of them as meetings I CAN'T miss.