Monday, July 11, 2011

Goal Clothing

I decided to rummage through my closet and find a few items to deem as my “Goal Clothing”.   

Goal Clothing #1 White Shirt:
I can actually fit into this shirt right now, but I don’t like how it fits.  I would like to be able to wear white and not feel like a bloated whale. It is a size large, but I need to be less than large for it to look right.  It isn’t so much that I love the shirt, but I want to be able to wear white.

Overweight+white=no good.  That is why this is a goal shirt.  I want to look good in white.  There will be a day where I don’t hide in my sheltered black tops!

I took out my trusty old measuring tape and did some measuring.  For me to be more comfortable in this shirt I need to lose another 9 inches off my belly and 3.5 inches off my arms.  We will get there!

Goal Clothing #2 Vintage Like Dress
I am not one for fancy clothing, but when I found this dress at a thrift store I fell in love with it.  It is hard to tell from the picture, the dress is a light silver rather than white. I will wear it with a shrug for modesty purposes.

The tag says size 12.  I was a size 12 when I bought it and it didn’t fit then.  I couldn’t get it zipped all the way and was sucking in for dear life. I bought it as a goal piece.  The only problem is I went up instead of down (darn marriage and pregnancies!)
I am guessing the dress is closer to an 8-10.

So again I did some measuring and I need to lose 7 inches on my chest and 5 inches off my ribs for this beauty to be able to zip and to be able to breathe.  When I reach my goal weight I plan on going on a special vacation with my husband and I would like to be able to wear this dress on my special trip.  I am thinking a cruise may be in order!

Goal Clothing #3 Brown Shorts
At my smallest I would have fit into these shorts.  That is why I am setting out to be able to wear this size again.  The tag says size 6.  I will need to lose 10 inches off of my waist and about 14 inches off my belly.  Aiming high really, but I do know it is possible with the right motivation!

So what are some of your goal pieces of clothing?  I would love to hear (or see!)!

Where are you going to go, if you don’t shoot for the stars?


  1. My goal is my wedding dress. I wanted to fit into it for my anniversary, that didn't happen...yet. It's close but not perfect.
    Good luck and I really like that silver dress. A cruise would be the perfect place to wear it.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  2. I was married 31 years ago, so not the spring chicken body anymore to fit it on but still want a fitter body. Thought I'd share a bit more.

  3. HI, Amber,
    I hope to one day fit into some size 12 clothes I have had from way back when. They are not as cute as your clothing pictures, but they continue to motivate me.

    Hope you had a good Slimmer This SUmmer week!