Friday, July 1, 2011

My Weight Roller Coaster: The Past Three Years

I weighed myself on Thursday and I was 194, I could hardly believe it.  I was also starting my period so I expected the scale to start climbing.  I was just 196 on Monday.  I weighed again today and I am still 194.  I am hoping it isn’t a flaw.  I am not sure why I feel like this is such a milestone.  I still have a really long way to go.  But for some reason this gives me a glimmer of hope.

I am watching what I eat (especially how many carbs) and I am exercising at least five times a week, sometimes more.  I am allowing myself to have treats now and then, but I am trying to eat with moderation.

When I started my weight loss journey in January I weighed 210, my all time high (with the exception of pregnancy, which I got to 213).  I started a weight loss challenge on the first of June.  My start weight for the challenge was 201, and so at that point I had lost 9 lbs in 6 months.  I have been exercising, but I have had a terrible time changing my eating habits.  I also was still dealing with a lot of postpartum depression issues. 

When my two little ones, under two would start crying I would feel stress, and to relieve my stress I would snack.  There happen to be a lot of crying around my house with my babies and so I happen to be doing a lot of snacking.  Even with all of the exercise I was getting no where.  Well, not exactly no where.  But I was not seeing weight loss, and that is what I really wanted to see.

I have battled my weight all my life.  I have had to be a conscious eater, to maintain at around 155-160.  My two pregnancies threw me for a loop. The first one, I was very sick.  Talk about starvation mode.  I gained ten pounds the first month from crazy hormonal imbalance and by the time I was six months pregnant I lost over 25lbs (I was at 145lbs).  I threw up daily and around the fourth month for three weeks I kept NOTHING down.  I was to the point of getting IV’s, once from the ER and a couple others outpatient. I felt depleted and depressed.

Eventually after working with a naturopath I was able to take some enzymes that helped me digest food again.  I felt like it saved my life and my pregnancy.  Even though my heath wasn’t at jeopardy, I felt like I was dying.  It was hard to be sick.  I continued to throw up, I even threw up on the delivery table but at least I was able to eat and the throwing up wasn’t every day towards the end of my pregnancy.

I was able to gain, and the day prior to delivery I was a ripe 200lbs.  I can honestly say, the last month was my best month!  I finally felt semi-good.  I was so happy to eat again that I really packed on the weight quickly.

My second pregnancy wasn’t nearly as traumatic.  THANK GOODNESS!  I was nauseous and did throw up every few days the first six months or so, but I was at least able to function and not starve.  Even though it was much better, I still nearly always felt sick.  I only gained a total of 13 lbs the whole pregnancy.  I started at 200 and ended at 213.  And leaving the hospital I think I only lost eight pounds. I gave birth six weeks early when my water broke prematurely, my son weighed just under five pounds. I stayed in the hospital a total of a week (five days before the birth and two after).  I must have put on some poundage with all of the hospital food because when I got home I weighed 205.  Don’t people loose more when they have a baby????

 It didn’t take long to climb back up to 210 with my baby in the NICU for 3 ½ weeks and the holidays comforting me through post partum depression.  So in January I decided to buckle down.  Even though it has taken me seven months to lose 16 pounds, I am grateful I am losing something.  The Slimmer this Summer challenge has been so great for me. 

This morning I realized my sports bra (yeah, I only have one that fits right now) was in the washer and I didn’t have enough time to dry it before I headed to the gym, so I wasn’t able to run.  I challenged myself to get in two runs by weeks end.  I guess I will be heading to the gym again tomorrow!

As I was in a frantic rush this morning digging through my out grown boxed clothing searching for an old sports bra, I came across a pair of jeans I had forgotten I bought.  I  purchased them after having baby #1 with out trying them on and turns out they didn’t fit, so I never wore them and they got tucked away.  I pulled them out and tried them on after my work out. 

I didn’t expect them to fit, but I was able to get them on, and buttoned up.  A little tight, but here in a few weeks they should fit great.  So I am down a pant size!  Yeah!!!  Just got to keep working on this muffin top!  I can’t wait until they are starting to droop off of me like my other pants are.

So this post is random, but it is a peek into my wild ride of weight loss.

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  1. Good for you for not exercising without your sports bra. I wish I had never run or jumped rope without one. You are doing great with your weight loss. I am a slow loser, too, but hope that means I will be able to keep it off. Have a nice weekend!