Monday, July 25, 2011

Week 7: Slimmer This Summer

My goals:
-Journal my meals
-Be under 165g of Carbohydrates/day (with fiber adjustment)
-Exercise 5 times a week for 45-60 minutes
-10 glasses of water a day
-Run/walk a 5K in under 40 minutes GOAL MET!
-Build a support network
-lose an average of 2 lbs/week, 24lbs total

Beginning Weight: 201.3
Week 1: 198.6 (-2.7)
Week 2: 198.6 (0) No change
Week 3: 196.9 (-1.7) Total loss 4.4 lbs
Week 4: 193.9 (-3) Total loss 7.4
Week 5: 193.2 (-.5) Total loss 8.1   
Week 6: 193.3 (+.1) Total loss 8.0   
Week 7: 190.3 (-3) Total loss 11.0
(19.7 loss since I began my journey in January)

Before I go on any further I need to add a personal update.  Yesterday my husband got very sick with vertigo (first time he has ever had it).  He was throwing up so violently that his whole body lurched all over.  He took his first ambulance ride, which led to an ER visit, which then led him to being admitted in the hospital.  We are hoping it is an inner ear problem that will clear its self up over a few days, not greater issues.

So the short is, things are a bit thrown off right now.  I was not able to weigh myself, or measure.  I posted the last weight I remember from a few days ago.  I was really looking forward to weighing myself this morning, due to my next reward (a pedicure)coming when I hit 189.

Given the circumstances, I need to focus on getting the hubs better and home.  I did however prepare most of this post yesterday before things went out of control.

I did good this week.  I stayed with in my goals for my carb count with the fiber adjustment.  I am going to try to continue to be good, but with hospital/fast food plus not being able to get in good workouts, we will see how things work out.

I am going to try to get in a walk while my hubs is resting.  That may be the extent of my exercising this week.

Daily Carb Count:
(out of 165g carbs with adjusted fiber intake)
Monday: 150carbs –fiber adjustment -35 115carbs (60 under)
Tuesday:163carbs –fiber adjustment -22 141carbs (24 under)
Wednesday:138carbs –fiber adjustment -30 108carbs (57under)
Thursday: 146carbs –fiber adjustment -41 105carbs(60 under)
Friday: 178carbs –fiber adjustment -48 130 (35 under)
Saturday: 189carbs –fiber adjustment -35 154 (11 under)
Sunday: 134carbs –fiber adjustment -43 91 (74  under)

To view my food diary, visit 
Profile name: ambreee

I did most of my exercising at home this week.  My kids have had a bug of some sort so we spent the whole week at home.  I did however get all of my workouts in still, six total!!  I love being 100% on one of my goals for this summer challenge.  I hope I can keep it up somehow!

Water Intake:
Did good on water.  I was a little low on Saturday and I woke up feeling totally dehydrated.  It is amazing how your body adjusts to the extra water intake and really seeks more liquid when you fall behind.  I am still working on getting re-hydrated.  Sitting in the ER for 5 hours didn’t help!

No measurements today.  I hope to get them in sometime, it just isn’t a priority right now.

For all of you out there who wouldn’t mind. I would appreciate prayers in my husbands behalf, that he will soon recover so we will be able to return home to our babies!!

Thank you!


  1. Oh yes, prayers for Hubs and you and your family. I hope it's something he can manage on his own. You have a lot on your plate right now. Don't blow it on convenience foods, although you can pick and choose the right ones and get by with little damage done.

    Thanks for your input and comment over at my place. It helps to know we're not alone. I may be emailing you later.

  2. Oh My Goodness! Of course prayers are winging to God's ears for you and your husband.

  3. I hope your husband is feeling better and will be home soon. Try to do what you can to take care of yourself during this stressful time. I pray your husband is on the road to recovery and you can get back to your normal routine. Take care.

  4. I will be praying for your husband and your kids! You've been staying on track so well considering everything, Way to Go!!!!!!!!