Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Brainstorming Goals for the New Year!

I am trying to figure out what to plan out for the next year.  I love making goals and planning ahead for the coming year.

So at the moment I am in brainstorm mode.  What do I want? Where would I like this year to go?  How do I want to pick up on my goals for the next year? 

I pretty much quit trying on the weight loss a month or so ago. I maintained my weight up until the week of Christmas.  I weighed myself on Christmas morning and then again the next morning, a five pound gain.  One day of gluttony out the window and five pounds more.  I will be able to work it off, I am down a couple today, but I have got some work to do!!!

As clich√© as it is I am getting back in gear on Monday, when the New Year hits.  I took most of December off from logging food, exercising and being any sort of disciplined. The one good thing is I was a bit more aware how the food felt to my body as I ate it.  I was able to stop a little sooner than I might have previously. 

Did I over indulge a few days too much?  Yeah! Do I have a gray cloud of guilt and regret? No.  I choose to enjoy the holidays, there are some repercussions, but I am ready to make new goals and move forward.  Now if I can just decide if a challenge will be most helpful to me in my new journey for the next year!?!

What challenges are you going to be jumping into for the New Year??


  1. I can relate to how you feel. I am approaching the new year one step at a time. I hope my challenge can help.

  2. Holidays can be crap for dieting... no surprise there. I'm doing the E2E with Mir again. Here's hoping for another semester of loss. I really want to see -5lbs or more per month.

    let us know what your goals are! I do love a good new years list.

  3. I am on ww so I made a challenge called lose 30 lbs or make goal by the first day of spring 2012 in three days I already have 98 people joined :) exciting! I was thinking about bringing it over here but wondering if people would join on blogger too. What challenge have you joined or are thinking about joining?