Thursday, November 24, 2011

Been absent, but still here.

I am still here.  I haven’t opened up this blog, my email or read any of yours for almost two weeks,.  I am holding strong and maintaining my weight.  This morning pre-Thanksgiving feasting I was at 185.1.  We will see how things pan out on my weigh in day Saturday.

My kids have been sick with runny noses, coughs and an ear infection.  I haven’t been able to go to the gym for a couple weeks and really my priority has been just the care of my kids.  We have been hovering at home for the most part, with a few walks here and there.

I didn’t update for the Christmas Dress Challenge last weekend, so I guess I am out.  I haven’t really put it as a priority in my life right now.  I was excited to have a challenge to keep me going, but my kids have been sick it seems like all fall, and now winter is about here and we are still fighting buggy germs.  I have also been fighting off a stuffy  head, sore throat and runny nose as well.  I have been downing the Coldcalm and Zicam like there is no tomorrow.  It hasn’t gotten worst, so maybe it is working.

Even though I am dropping out the Challenge, I am not giving up.  I am hoping to get back on track soon and really hoping that my kids starting getting well enough that I can start taking them back to the gym with me.

This post is full of randomness.  Today is Thanksgiving and I am so very grateful for all of the many blessings in my life.  I have a wonderful family and I feel so grateful to have most of them near enough to gather for holidays like today.  Although we have been battling germs on the home front I am so thankful for me and my family’s health.  Despite the crankiness we have all had over the past month or so, overall we are healthy.  Yeah, I am still in the overweight category, but when I have gone to the doctor all other things check out to be healthy.

I am grateful for my husband’s job.  He doesn’t particularly like his job, but he has stuck it out for 5+ years.  We are on hot pursuit for a new job, and he actually has his first interview next Friday!!  We are not too excited that the job is 2 hours away from where we live now, but if every thing comes together we will move our family to this little po-dunk town, which feels like it is in the middle of nowhere.  I just want my husband to be in a job where he is happy and feels valued by his skills. If moving is what we need to do, it is what we will do.

I am so grateful to be a mom.  My kids are active and keep me on my toes, but they are fun.  My 2 ½ year old daughter is starting to get stronger language skills and this has helped so much in communicating what she wants.  My one year old is full of smiles and laughs (when he isn’t feeling lousy with an ear ache!).  He just brings me so much joy!  I feel blessed to be able to be at home with them.  We make sacrifices where needed and make it work. Being a mom is awesome.

I am grateful for a warm home and modern technology, it just makes life really great!

PS—My sister who has struggled with her weight all of her adult life, has been working hard at losing weight.  She has been on the journey for over a year now and this week she hit the 100 lb pound mark, 101 lbs to be exact!!  I am so proud of her, and she actually weighs less than me now (she is 7 inches taller than me!!! I am the short runt of the family of tall people).  I think that is a pretty awesome accomplishment.

Have a safe Black Friday, for all of those who dare go out shopping.  I may run to a store, but no early crazy shopping for me this year!

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  1. Glad you're not giving up! The holiday season always makes me reflect on everything I'm grateful for, too. That's awesome of your sister, and I hope you keep making progress. :)