Sunday, November 6, 2011

Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge: Week 8

Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge: Week 8

Initial: 189
Week 1: 187.3 (-1.7)
Week 2: 186.9 (-.4)
Week 3: 185.0 (-1.9)
Week 4: 187.3 (+2.3)
Week 5: 186.5 (-.08)
Week 6: 185.5 (-1)
Week 7: 186.5 (+1)
Week 8: 186.5 (0)

I have not had it in me to blog lately.  My personal blog hasn’t even been updated for over a month.  I have been busy and I haven’t given up, I just don’t fee like sitting on the computer to write.  Ugg.

So I am still here.  I am still working out.  I am still watching what I eat.  No super numbers to report though. 

I was feeling really good about this week. I was down to 183.3 on Thursday and I was excited to be able to report a loss.  Then yesterday morning I went to weigh-in which should have been my official weigh in day but I was astounded by the number 189 (and that was after I had a really great work out, that was even higher than when I began this challenge!!).  I know it was water weight, I have been drinking a ton of water and haven’t had to go to the bathroom nearly as much as I should, weird.  But six pounds over one day where I didn’t go crazy on my calories!!!! Holy Cow.  This is why I decided to post today’s weight rather than yesterdays of 189!

That is one big reason I would rather go by how my clothes fit and my measurements.  I did some experimenting a week or so ago.  I weighed myself in the morning when I first got up.  I ate breakfast and started drinking my water then weighed myself again.  Through the day I periodically weighed myself just to see how many pounds I vary through the day.

Interestingly enough, I varied about four pound though the day.  Really if you think about it drinking two glasses of water you will “gain” a pound.  I often forget to weigh myself at the same time of day and almost always drink a lot of water before I weigh in.

I am not making excuses about not losing lots of weight for this challenge, rather sharing why I don’t let the scale ruin my day. 

I did get in four great work outs this week.  It has been awesome to feel sore.  But the time change this morning wasn’t so awesome.  My kids are early risers and 5am was way too soon for me for a Sunday morning.

Have a great week!


  1. I truly thought is was just me and the scale. In a weeks time I can gain and loss anywhere's from 5-7 pounds. I know it's the water, salt, food and pooping or not but really....that's a lot of weight each day up and down.
    I just weigh in once a week now and don't let my life be ruled by the scale though I do go by it.
    Good luck this week. It's not easy becoming the most healthiest you can be but you're doing amazing. Take care and God Bless!!

  2. You're doing just fine. I'm not married to the scale, either. And I only weigh first thing in the morning, because I gain throughout the day. Just listen to your body.

  3. My weight varies a lot too. Some days it´s really low, then it goes up again for a few days. But I agree, we can´t let it affect how we feel about ourselves. Hope you have a good week!

  4. I don't know why... aka the science. But I always weigh more AFTER the workout than before. I've taken to weighing myself before swim class since I'm down the the suit anyway.

    I'm sure you know, but remember balance your sodium and water... the more sodium, the more water so you don't hold on to it. However, I have learned, without enough sodium, your brain neurons won't function correctly. Weird, right?

  5. This is why I only weigh myself when 1. Right After I get up and have slept decently (ie, not just 3 or 5 hours, but at least 7) 2 have gone to the bathroom 3. am naked.

    It gives consistency.

    I won't weigh the moment I've had a sip of anything, slept poorly, or have clothes on. It skews the number.

    Naturally, it will vary. Food and water weighs. Add it to your body and variations occur, sodium, etc.

    So, just weigh ONCE, naked, after getting up and voiding. and leave the scale alone after that. It just will drive ya nuts. ; )

    Happy new week. Hoping for a nice loss for ya...

  6. Consistency is the key when it comes to the scale! You have to limit the number of times you step on it & for the best results when you do it should be the same time each time with the minimum on & no food or drink in your belly. Weight does vary throughout the day & a lot of things can factor in the equation so the more often you visit, the more you will see that. To truley not let it get to you you need to limit your visits too it, the mind is a powerful thing but even it's affected if it's seeing gains or no losses more than it sees losses. Do use other methods to remind yourself how good you are doing & just keep at it!