Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge: Week 9

Initial: 189
Week 1: 187.3 (-1.7)
Week 2: 186.9 (-.4)
Week 3: 185.0 (-1.9)
Week 4: 187.3 (+2.3)
Week 5: 186.5 (-.08)
Week 6: 185.5 (-1)
Week 7: 186.5 (+1)
Week 8: 186.5 (0)
Week9: 185.5 (-1)

This week was yet again another roller coaster week.  My sweet son had his first birthday, and both of my kids have been struggling with illness (some stomach flu and colds).  I only made it to the gym once.  It is frustrating to want and have the desire to work out and have things get in the way of it.  I have accepted that this is life and things will stand in the way.  Working out at home just hasn’t been going well with my kids on edge.  I am aiming for this next week to be a better week, with high hopes that the kids will be well again.

I had way too many sweets again this week.  Why must I be so weak!  I did better the later part of the week, but I am hoping next week will be even better.

What is your best defense to your weaknesses?


  1. It's hard with little ones to get to the gym and nap time is hard to execise because you just want to enjoy just a little bit of down time. I know, though Mike is an adult my daycare wee ones are little and they come at 8am and leave at 7pm.
    You did good with a loss, keep it up. Take care Amber and have a blessed week.

  2. Sick kids take your energy and attention, so totally get that you just can't stick to plans.

    I will say that sweets don't do anyone good, not kids, not adults, not seniors. Ditch them. Clean the house out of sweets. Use fruit as sweets, as dessert, as treats. Get rid of the sugary crap. For your sake and your babies. Seriously.

    Here's to teh family feeling better and to a good week for you. You had a loss. Celebrate it. It's good to make progress, right? :D

    Flu and cold season sucks. I've started taking more C daily and telling hubby to wash hands like mad and not bring germies home. Sigh. Being sick sucks.

    Be well, keep going.

  3. Oh, and best defense for my weaknesses:

    1. Avoidance. If it's not around to tempt me, I can't have it.

    2. Strategy for when avoidance isnot possible: Saying, "It's not an option", eating a better alternative, coffee, tea, water, nuts, anything. But mostly, avoid it, accept I can't have it, consider it a toxin.

    Well, for food weaknesses. Like pizza/lasana. My fave things. My big trigger foods. Haven't had them for 11 months. Period. Zero tolerance. (Well, I hd the cheese of some pizza at two events this year, just the cheese and sauce, which I CAN's the bread part that makes me go binge-nuts, so I can't have it.)

    You gotta have a strategy for whatever's weak.

    Like my pastor, who had a window cut into his office door for those times his Mrs or a deaconess could not be int he room during times he counseled female members. He figured no man should be alone counseling any woman in total privacy. It's too much temptation for misunderstanding or actual weirdness, so he wanted to make sure someone could ALWAYS SEE INSIDE his office when he counseled. Seems to me that he understood the value of outright avoidance. :D

  4. Mir´s comment is good. Avoidence works for me too. If I have it in the house I want it!
    Hope your kids are feeling better and you have a good week!

  5. Yeah for a loss even with a less than stellar week. I have two small children who make it hard to exercise too. I just have to do what I can when I can.

  6. I don't buy the stuff or keep it around. That doesn't mean I don't give into cravings, we all know I do. I just really have to do work to go get a Twix bar or something ridiculous. I substitute bread for lettuce or just use the sandwich thins. Bread/carbs send me on a downward spiral - every time. Sugar wants more sugar. It's difficult. Formulate a plan. Stick to a menu. Do it for 7 days, then for 14, then for 21, then.... it will be what you do. You brush your teeth every day, you wouldn't leave the house without it. it's what you do. Free yourself because You're.Worth.It.