Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jeans: Picture Update

Picture Update:  Even though I haven’t lost much weight over the past two months (about 5 lbs), my clothes are fitting differently.  At the beginning of summer I found these jeans in a box of clothes (size 16).  I was thrilled mid-summer when I pulled them on and they fit.  They were a little snug at first but now they are super baggy, especially in the rear.

My one year old is always tugging on my pants.  He isn’t quite walking and his way of getting around is holding onto my legs and walking.  He has pulled my too big pants down several times.  Most of my pre-mom clothing is in the 10-12 range and right now I am about a size 14.  So I have got to work harder to get back into those clothes!!

I headed to a thrift sale a couple of weeks ago in search for some new jeans.  The local children’s clothing consignment store also sells juniors clothes as well. They were having a rocking $.50 sale so my quest was to find a pair or two that fit.  I found two pair, both jr’s size 13.  I knew if they didn’t fit, I would like to work towards them working out soon!  The first pair, (pictured below) is a bit on the tight side, but with a long shirt to cover my muffin top they are tolerable.  The second pair which I didn’t take a picture of actually fit pretty good.  I am grateful to have some new pants that are not constantly falling off.  A bit on the tight side, but we will keep working on that.

When it comes to my Christmas goal dress, I am afraid to try it on.  My belly was a half inch bigger when I measured last week.  My legs and lower part of me is getting smaller and my belly and chest are getting bigger!! Yikes, for what ever reason my body wants to think it is pregnant or something.  I am 97% sure I am not, there is always that 3% uncertainty lingering, especially because my tummy still looks it!  Uggg!

How are your clothes feeling these days?

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