Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Persistence and the CPA

My husband has a degree in accounting.  He is an auditor right now, and his ultimate goal is to not be an auditor and maybe go into fraud investigation.  On this journey he has been working towards becoming a CPA, Certified Public Accountant.  To become a CPA you have to take four grueling exams.  After you pass one section, you have 18 months to pass the remaining three sections.  It is said that the CPA is worst than the BAR for attorneys.

The short of the story is, my husband didn’t take the CPA immediately following graduation from college and has been taking and re-taking these exams for many years (4+). He has been slaving away at these exams our whole marriage.  It has been our ball and chain.  All of our time has revolved around studying and the next test date.

He passed three sections then lost credit on one section, so he had to re-take it.  On that re-take round he missed the mark by one point. And the one he hadn’t passed yet, he missed it by one point as well. This was not the first time he was a point away from passing, success was just hanging on a string in front of us.  Frustrating!!! 

We decided this year, that this last testing window was it.  He was going to take the last two exams one more time and we were calling it quits.  The end.  Enough is enough.   We handed it over to the Lord and stated we have given it our best shot, year after year and now if it doesn’t happen we know it isn’t meant to be!

We have spent thousand’s (between $8,000-10,000 the hubs doesn’t want me to add it up!) on testing fees and our lives can no longer revolve around this exam.

Well, after a lot of work and sacrifices in many areas of life he DID IT!  My husband finally passed the CPA exam!  I am sooo grateful to be closing this chapter of our lives.  We are now seeking a new job and have high hopes he will find something that is a better fit for him.

Since this is my weight loss blog, I will liken it to weight loss.  Persistence.  You must never lose hope of your goal, even when it doesn’t seem possible or even something worth working for any longer.  There are angels out there cheering you on.  Allow them to help you keep your head lifted.

I always believed my husband could pass the CPA exam, I just never dreamt it would be so challenging.  It doesn’t seem real yet, but I am so proud of him for being persistent.

May we keep our visions straight and keep plugging away!!


  1. That is great! I'm glad this burden has been lifted off your shoulders. Good luck in the job hunting; I hope he finds something quickly.

  2. Yes!!! I'm so happy for Husband!