Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rambling Battles in my Head

I have wanted to get back into running for a long time.  I used to run, or should I say jog 5k’s several times a week.  I did this for several years.  Since having my two little ones, I have not been able to run with out pain in my neck, shoulders and back.  This is a pain I have had for several years, but it is getting progressively worst, even with help of a chiropractor. Kind of driving me crazy!

I started back to a chiropractor six months ago and I have seen improvement, but every time I run my neck gets all messed up, almost to the point of screaming pain.  Tomorrow I have another appointment and I am tempted to go running right before just so I can get another run in, then get adjusted.  But the best thing would be to find something else to challenge myself to enjoy.  I have tried the elliptical, it is alright but my heart is just not there.  I get bored.  Even with my ipod and a magazine.  I do like cycling, but not so much on a stationary bike.  For what ever reason, that irritates my neck as well.  

I feel at odds.  I feel like when I run, I really can drop pounds.  I have minimized my running the past couple months, so I wouldn’t be in such pain and the scale is much slower.  I like the challenge of running.  It isn’t easy for me and my heart rate gets up real quick.  I like to see how far, and how fast I can go in 45 minutes. But my pain in the neck is just that, a PAIN in the neck!  So, now I am on a quest to find my new favorite challenge. 

Enough of the whining.  Moving forward.

What really gives you an awesome burn?? Please do share.
(something that doesn’t involve running or jumping)

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  1. have you tried lap swimming? It's a hardcore way to get your heart rate up and keep it up as long as you're moving. The lack of gravity might be help out.

    Maybe talk to my mom... she's had problems with that kind of stuff too after her years of running.