Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chocolate Fest and a Sleep Number Bed

Over the weekend the hubs, kids and I all went to the in-laws for a little staycation.  They have a spare sleep number bed that we wanted to try out to see if it would help us get better sleep.  I spent several weeks, several years ago at a friend’s that had a sleep number bed and all I remember is being uncomfortable and rolling onto my friends side of the bed, due to different number preferences.  Not the best rest. I found the same this time around.

We stayed at the in-laws for three nights.  First night: lots of waking up and adjusting the number.  Second night: not too bad, slept well but was probably so tired from my lack of rest the first night.  Third night: uncomfortable and sore.  I felt just like I had woken up in my own bed.

We decided not to make the switch, at least not for now.  There is no reason to change  out one bed that you wake up achy in, to another bed that leaves you achy.  We were going to buy a memory foam bed a month or so ago, but instead we had a different impulse buy, which drained our funds… a mini-van.  Yeah, now I am a mini-van mom. 

While staying with the in-laws I went crazy on chocolate.  My mother-in-law has got junk food all over the place and I took the Liberty to help myself.  She even has a fridge in the garage full of chocolate.  I have never opened it though!  When ever I am at their house I am weak, so many temptations.

I made sure I chugged a ton of water while inhaling the cocoa.  Before I got to their place I was bloated, and the whole stay I was even more bloated!  I could hardly stand to keep my jeans buttoned up! I gained a like four pounds over the weekend (so much for my loss!).  Thank goodness the scales are declining again.  I will be lucky if I actually have a loss this week, we will see once Saturday rolls around. Yikes!

So back to life on the home front.  Things are busy between the kids and church, but I will continue to move forward.

I have tried to comment on several blogs and I am not able to again.  I have no idea why.  Just know I am out there reading several of your blogs.  Keep on trekking along!


  1. When you log into blogger make sure the "keep me signed in" spot is NOT checked. That was my problem a while back

  2. Thanks for the tip, I have had that problem too. For some reason I am still not able to comment on some blogs. Must be some other glitch as well.

  3. Maybe today is my lucky day! It let me comment on my own blog.

  4. oh dear amber... I'm hoping that you return to your de-sugared house soon! I also assume that this minor setback won't keep you from plugging along.

    Memory foam mattresses are so good you'll have to talk yourself out of bed in the morning bc you'll be so comfy... another hard consequence to deal with. ;)