Sunday, October 2, 2011

Christmas Dress Countdown Challenge: Week 3

Initial: 189
Week 1: 187.3 (-1.7)
Week 2: 186.9 (-.4)
Week 3: 185.0 (-1.9)

Things are moving along this week.  I did not track, it was my little experiment.  I tried to eat as I would if I were tracking, being moderate.  I exercised four times at the gym and got in an additional walk.

I choose not to track my food, to get my mind off of food.  I have found when I am tracking I am constantly thinking about food.  I think it makes me more hungry.  I didn’t skimp on calories, so it is surprising I did lose weight at all.

One of the other reasons I didn’t want to track is I wanted to really focus on listening to what my body needs.  A few weeks ago I had all sorts of labs done at the doctor, cause for the last little while I have been feeling off.  The only thing that we have found deficient is my iron.  It has been running a little bit low.  It makes sense, I feel like it has been more than my blood sugar.

This week when I felt like things were getting low I made myself a green smoothie (water, milk, spinach, strawberries and protein powder). I guess that is another reason I didn’t want to count calories.  They aren’t the lowest calorie snack (266 calories), but they help me level out.  And hey, I still lost weight!  I am not going to worry about how many calories are in my green smoothies.  They help me keep my energy up and keep me from snacking too much between meals.

So here we are venturing off into the next week.  I will post some updates about my book a little later this week. I am at my in-laws for the weekend so things have been on hold.

Have a great week. Let's rock week 4!


  1. Listening to your body is genius, you are a smart girl! Those sound like good green smoothies! :)

  2. Good job on the loss. Listening to your body is key especially in the long run. Keep it up.

  3. Your doing great. Listening to your body is a wonderful learning experience. Good luck this week. Take care and God Bless!!

  4. Great loss, looks like listening to your body is working really well for you. :)

  5. Listening to your body! WOW. Hard to do but it looks like you may have listened. Great job this week!

  6. Way to go. Slow and steady wins the race.

  7. Yay! Amber, I'm so happy to see that scale going down for you! You're a wonderful and intuitive girl. I trust that you'll continue to make great health and body decisions!

  8. You are doing amazing! Listening to what your body needs shows just how great things can go! looking forward to watching you lose even more over the next few weeks!