Thursday, January 12, 2012

Weight Loss Challenge Accepted

Well I did it, last Saturday I took the plunge paid my $50 and decided to join a local weight loss challenge/competition.  I did a little game play before the actual weigh in.  I loaded up on salty meals the day before and knowing that my period is on its way, I knew I would retain a ton of water, as I usually do.  And I did.  I gained some water weight overnight, but nothing too crazy.

So I am committed.  The challenge ends June 7th (my 4th wedding anniversary!) and the reward for the one with the highest percentage of weight loss wins $3000, second place $1500 and third $500.  For me this is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical challenge.  They have some monthly challenges and meetings from the sponsors of the challenge.  I plan on participating as much as possible.  Here is the PDF brochure for the challenge.

The place where we did the initial weight in was the same place I went for nutritional counseling 13 years ago, Humphries Diabetes Center (for my hypoglycemia).  I know if I can follow the diet I was prescribed then, I have a great shot at some awesome weight loss.  When I followed it to a tee then, I lost 40 lbs (and was down to 125 lbs), I did that in 6 months with no intense exercise, just walks and bike ride here and there.  And when I followed my diet I felt like a new person, I was no longer lethargic, exhausted and falling asleep in the middle of my work day!!!

A picture from way back then!!

Happy Day, lets get moving!!


  1. I wish you lots of can do this.

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