Monday, January 2, 2012

Challenge for $$ Reflections

I am debating about joining a local weight loss challenge.  It begins this Saturday and goes through June 8th (my wedding anniversary!).  The first place prize is $3000.  If I could drop my sugar habit for six months, it is possible I could win this challenge.  I am a winner you know???!!!

Four years ago I joined a fitness challenge at my gym.  I was determined, I was motivated.  It was a six week challenge and was measured by the greatest amount of fat percentage lost.  There were only 8 people who participated, but I did have tough competition.  I don’t remember all the details and numbers, but I do remember only loosing around 5lbs.  But I lost 10% of my body fat and won the challenge!  It was a great boost in my roller coaster of adventure. Here are my before and after pictures from the challenge.

I have always wanted to be trim and fit and have taken great efforts to do so.  It has always been a challenge to keep my weight at bay, but since I have had kids, it has been even more difficult.  The body I once cursed and felt like it was oh, so large, I would love to return to today.  Perspective!

So if I join this challenge.  I would like to return to the 150lb beauty, I was four years ago. 

I am a numbers person.  I looked up the past two years winners of this challenge and one lost 30% of her body weight and the other lost 26%.

For me to drop 30% I would be at my ideal weight of 140lbs.  Can I get it accomplished  by June 8th?  It is possible, but being a mom now, can I do it???  I know I can do it, I am just not sure how the road there will look exactly.  Dropping everything and going to the gym doesn’t exactly work with two toddlers who need a lot of attention from mom.  Even when I plan it into our day, things come up (teething, sickness, need of a nap or just plain cranky! All of which seem to happen a lot in my life!).

Oh decisions, decisions!  Maybe if I could make a goal of what I would do with the $3000.  The possibilities are endless.  A new camera housing for my 50mm Nikor lens.  A cruise vacation with the hubs to Alaska.  A nice little nest egg for the kid’s savings accounts.  Or maybe a special trip shopping and to the spa, ahh... a day of relaxation. 

I have almost talked myself into the challenge.  We will see what happens between now and Saturday.  It costs $50.00, so for me if I drop the money on the table I will need to commit to make it worth it.  Of coarse I aim to win if I join, but I do know that the ultimate winnings are a healthier, leaner more in shape body!  If I can get my sugar habits under control this is very possible!!!

Any advice or words or encouragement are welcomed!

Happy 2012ing!


  1. Money talks! Maybe it's the added incentive you need. If you want it bad enough I think you will find a way to make it work!

  2. DO IT!!!! Wow, what a motivator! That would be amazing for you. Best Wishes!!

  3. Wow, that's a juicy prize. Definitely would be motivating if you decided to do it! If you do, I sure wish you well. Yes, I'd love to see ya win it and have your choice of reward!

    Let us know.

  4. $3000 is very enticing I say go for it! Good luck!

  5. Go for it Amber. Have hubs help when the kids need you. Tell him you'll share the winnings on a night out on the town if he helps you along the way. I know that you can do this and $3000.00 is a lot of money for family and yourself. Good luck with you decission.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  6. I think joining is a great idea. It's like gambling except you can manipulate the odds, and get a lot more than money out of your successes. It seems like there is a whole lot to gain and only about 50$ to lose, and if you put in extra effort because of the challenge and see extra results because of it, is it really lost? In the end I think you have to judge the pros and cons as they pertain to your life and your situation, but I think it's a great idea. And I'd totally brag that I followed the blog of the girl who won 3000$ through healthy living. Best wishes xx

    - DS

  7. I joined a $10 weight loss challenge but have also been presented with a $50 where the prizes are $3000. I am weighing that one also. Let me know what you decided...maybe we could keep tabs on each other. ;-)