Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting It Together

6-3-11 1:49pm
Feeling woozy…. Can it be that I am already experiencing sugar withdrawals?  I think it is more like I need to eat lunch.  I had a tortilla with tuna and a little bit of cheese with tomato and some spices to top it off.  I also had bread and butter pickles on the side.  It was the first time I have had those kind of pickles.  Very sweet. I guess I should have checked the ingredients before chomping.

Now that I have eaten I am feeling much better.  That is one of my triggers.  Sometimes I mull over by thinking about what I could eat. Trying to make a good decision about food, I wait too long and I bombard myself with snacky foods, making things worst.  I end up eating more than I would have, if I would have just gotten some protein in me sooner.

Something to always keep in mind.


  1. Hi Amber! I wanted to welcome you to my blog, and thank you for the comment.

    As I was reading all your posts so far, it reminded me of one I wrote on my Day 8:

    I know it's hard to make healthy changes with the "stuff" in your face, right there tempting you. If you read that post I linked to, you'll see why I understand.

    But I know you can do this. And you have two little darlings to pass on your new healthy habits to, also.

    Don't let anyone or anything take this from you... it's too important. It can be hard work, and take focus and effort, but it will be sooo worth it!

    My best to you on your journey to a new healthy you!

  2. So glad you want to be in the challenge! It great you want to take control of your life and make these changes. It will be awesome for your whole family! Plan your meals, get the protein in and it will get easier. The sugar cravings WILL stop, I promise. Send me an email so I can get your email address, I'm sending out group emails to the challengers, I won't share it though, thanks!