Sunday, June 12, 2011

What Are Your Weaknesses?

Here we are the first week is wrapping up for the Slimmer This Summer Challenge.  It has been a good week.  I am looking forward to my first weigh in tomorrow and I decided I am going to measure again and take progression pictures, so those will be posted tomorrow.

I have done a lot of reflecting this week. With each meal I have been thinking about portion sizes, protein content and carbs.  Keeping track of things by measuring on my little scale and carefully counting out quantities has been rewarding.  It has kept me on track.  Because I am counting carbs, I am able to curb my sugar cravings.  Sugar is my weakness.

The more sugar I eat, the more I want and the less control I have.  For me it is not realistic to swear off sweet things.

I have done it.  More than once.  I can do it, but when I stop doing it, I binge.  Not right away, but eventually it leads to binging.  So this week I allowed some sweets.  I just made sure I counted it and recorded it on my online food log. Having sweets here and there keeps me from snarffing down a whole large bag of M&M’s at a weak moment.

Even though I am allowing small amount of sugar here and there, it still affects my blood sugar.  Not nearly as much as when a binge occurs, but it still affects me.

When I eat sugar, if not balanced out with a good amount of protein I get lethargic, groggy and some times very cranky.  Today I treated myself to 20 peanut M&M’s.  I was already worn from a long day at church and sure enough the sweet morsels had their effect on me.  Since I was already worn, I ended up passing out on the couch for an hour and a half and taking a deep Sunday nap.  Yes, I was tired to begin with, but the sugar rush sent me over the edge and knocked me out.

So what are your weaknesses?  Where do you splurge and how does it affect how you feel?  Please share!

Happy Week two, here we come!

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