Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Numbers Girl: Three years!

I hated math growing up.  I despised it.  In fact, in college all of my schooling was delayed because I held off taking any math classes as long as possible.  I decided enough was enough and I needed to learn to overcome my fear of algebra, functions and all things numbers. 

As I rode my bike to school one day I started running numbers in my head: If I go this fast, so many miles to school I will get there in this time.  It became my own game and I would try to out beat myself each day.

Until I got pregnant with #1 I was an avid bike rider.  I loved the wind in my face and challenging myself to go faster or further.  So many years ago, on my 13 mile rides to the University I learned to like math and gain a greater appreciation for numbers and number patterns.  It took a few years and seven math classes later, and one very faithful, patient tutor (some of those repeated classes) before I got the groove down.  I learned to love math!  I am still amazed by the fact.

Last night as I was logging in my foods and watching the numbers add up and appear like all wonderful math problems, that little spark started coming back.  If I make this caloric/carbohydrate counting number game work for me, I can have some fun with it. 

As I read many of the other challenger’s blog posts with their caloric intake (sorry for not commenting, Blogger is really out for me today and I am not able to comment for what ever reason) I was impressed and amazed with all the awesomeness in everyone and how you are all doing.  I am so grateful to have stumbled across this challenge and all of you blogs, to keep me going!

So in celebration of numbers!  On 06-07-08, three year ago I was married to my sweet husband, the Chocolate Lover.  Happy anniversary Chocolate Lover, may our union by uncountable.

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  1. I need to be eating low carb for insulin resistent issues AND trying to lose weight. Just curious what are you eating? I am doing WW points plus and trying to track calories just to compare. Good luck rest of day!