Monday, June 13, 2011

Reward Yourself!

With every ten pounds of weight loss, I have decided to give myself a reward. When I made this goal sheet I was 209lbs.  I have met my first benchmark! 

I have this little reminder posted on my fridge and in my bedroom.  I also have another copy for my bathroom, it just got misplaced.  I need to get it up still.

Here is my mini goal reward break down:

209: Start Weight
199: hair trim
189: pedicure
179: Weekend Road Trip
169: Bedroom makeover
159: family Pictures
149: New outfit
139: hair cut
129: special vacation

I promised I would grow my hair out for my husband.  Right now it is the longest it hs been in the past 12 years.  Long hair isn’t my thing, but he likes it.  But the catcher is when I reach 139lbs, I get to chop it off.  Now that is a motivator for me!

Since I can’t stand my shaggy fine hair, I knew a hair trim would be a motivating goal.  And it worked.  I got moving and now I can get my hair trimmed.  I can’t wait!

Pedicure here I come!

What kind of rewards are you giving yourself in your weight loss goals??

Please comment, I would love to hear!

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  1. I LOVE the reward idea!! I think ill do that too!! Keep plugging away! you can do it!