Sunday, June 5, 2011

Work Out update and Sunday Rest Report

I am getting excited for the Summer Slim Down!! I am going to do a weigh in, in the morning and do my monthly measurements.

Yesterday I took a solo trip to the gym.  I have been working out with a neighbor and it has been fun.  Usually we do the elliptical or the bikes.  I am working on improving my running so I prefer the treadmill when I go solo.

So one of my goals is to run a 5k in 40 minutes.  I have run several 5K’s pre-pregnancy and marriage.  My pregnancies are rough on my body and I have a difficult time even getting by.  I suppose that is one reason I have gained so much weight post-partum.  When you spend 9 months sick as a dog sitting still and then the baby comes out and you feel wonderful again, it is hard not to eat.

Anyhow…. Back to the 5K.  I get off track way to easily!  Usually when I do a treadmill workout.  I walk at an incline for the first 30 minutes, then spend the last 30 minutes doing walk/jog intervals. I usually do around 3.5miles.  I am changing it up to get back into running more.

My new plan is to spend 40 minutes on the treadmill and see how far I can make it in the 40 minutes.  Yesterdays distance: 2.6 miles.  I am pleased with it.  I think my goal is very reachable.  If I end up reaching it sooner than 12 weeks, I will work on decreasing my time.

Sunday Rest Day Report:  Today was a wonderful day at church.  It was fast and testimony meeting.  I always love hearing how others hearts are touched by living the gospel.  In Sunday school we talked about fasting.  A scripture from the Old Testament gave me an ‘aha” moment.  I wish I could remember the reference!!  It basically talks of fasting with a purpose.  In the footnote, it goes into a little more detail expounding that if you don’t fast with a purpose, you are basically just starving yourself and will be cranky for doing so.  If I find the reference I will re-post it!

I have always known we should be fasting with a purpose, but it is nice to see the background teachings on that.  I am grateful for Sunday’s and taking the day off to rest!

I will be back tomorrow to begin posting about my new journey!!


  1. Good evening Amber. So now is the best time to start out a slimmer this summer challenge. It's hard to break the sugar habit but you can do it. I also know you can do your walking/jogging/running in your time slot. I just broke my time to 34:08. Faster time ever for me.
    I am following you on this journey. Good luck. Take care and God Bless!!

  2. Cant wait to follow your journey. Your goals are great, I'd love to be able to run :) Wishing you lots of luck on your journey <3

  3. Thanks guys for your support!! I am off to a good start and feeling great.